Robocop is here…

Remember the movie Robocop? The movie about the city of Detroit’s efforts to privatize the police force, resulting in the crime fighting cyborg cop? Well, that movie was released in 1987. So here we are, 30 years later, and it looks as if the world is closer to getting a real robocop. Meet Dubai’s robotic… Continue Reading

Future CEOs?

A non-human CEO? Get outta here! Sounds way to futuristic, right? Except that Jack Ma, a super smart guy and founder of Alibaba, China’s equivalent of eBay, says that the days for robot CEOs are in the not-too-distant future. Ma believes that because robots are quicker and more rational, and not bogged down by those… Continue Reading

What about the makers of these?

Ahhh…a juicy hamburger. It’s hard not to want one of these. As you know, people who make these delicious sandwiches work in the service sector, a sector that employs the vast majority of workers. But there’s one company seeking to add even more burger makers…just not the human type. San-Francisco based Momentum Machines is aiming… Continue Reading