What could possibly go wrong?

When you hear the word ‘Kalashnikov’, what comes to mind? Nothing? Ok, let’s change that to AK-47. Yes, one of the most powerful semi-automatic weapons in the world and the weapon of choice for many terrorist groups. If that’s not scary enough, I’ve got a whopper for you. The Russian arms manufacturer Kalashnikov will soon… Continue Reading

Move over human lawyers

Back in the day when my friends started law school, I told them to do well just in case I needed their services. Today, they’re great attorneys and thankfully I didn’t need their services. But in case you don’t know an attorney, can’t afford one, or know someone who needs one, there’s an incredible option… Continue Reading

This band puts the metal in heavy

I can appreciate rock music – You know, the legends – Prince, Tina Turner and of course,  Guns n Roses (Appetite for Destruction being my favorite for this group). But when I came across this band, I almost couldn’t believe my eyes…or ears. They truly put the “metal” in heavy. Meet Compressorhead! There are four… Continue Reading

No robot boss for me

Well, if we’re honest, most of us probably feel this way about robots. We know they’re coming, but they won’t be my boss. However, Dan Tynan of the Guardian probably got it right, “Bottom line is robots want our jobs. And no one is going to build a wall around them or tariff them out… Continue Reading