Superhumans will exist in

about 9-10 years, according to Bryan Johnson, founder of Kernel, a company that’s exploring building and implanting chips in the brain. In a interview with Wired magazine, when asked when computer chips in the head might be available, he responded, “It depends on the type of technology and it depends on whether nation-states would allow… Continue Reading

Shopping on the brain

Do you like to shop? If so, do you get all giddy when you find a bargain? Well, according to Dr. David Lewis, author of The Brain Sell, When Science Meets  Shopping,”… research has shown that, for many consumers, the prospect of being able to buy a much-desired fashion item at a bargain price creates… Continue Reading

Our incredible brain – See a real one here – Warning (Graphic Video)

“Nerve cells (neurons) are true wonders of nature in their ability to create our sense of reality…Your brain contains over 100 billion neurons and up to a quadrillion connections, called synapses…Neurons project worm-like threads known as axons and dendrites, which deliver both chemical and electrical signals across the gap between synapses. An adult human brain… Continue Reading